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Health, Wellness & Abundance with Essential Oils...

What is an essential oil anyways?

My favorite description of essential oils is this, "Essential oils are the life-blood of the plant." Think about how blood flows through our veins and aids in the restoration of our bodies, as well as being essential to OUR existence! This is how the oils act in plants! They help heal the plant when it is wounded and are a vital part of the plant's existence! BUT Essential oils are NOT all created equal. Most essential oils are considered "perfume grade" or "fragrance oils" which means they're made synthetically. Not Young Living Essential oils.

Young Living uses a proprietary "Seed to Seal" process that produces oils of unparalleled purity, quality and integrity. It's something we're truly proud of.

My life has CHANGED completely since I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils over a year ago.

I heard how Lavender oil helped a child sleep so I wanted to try it. Waking up at 3:15 every morning and not being able to go back to sleep, no matter how late I went to bed, I was a skeptic...but I tried it and  it worked for me! Now I don't go to bed without it. I was so BLOWN AWAY by how well Lavender worked for me that I jumped in and purchased the Premium Starter Kit that has 11 oils in it to try the other oils. I truly believe that God gave us the plants on earth to keep us healthy, well and living abundantly. Oils have been used for centuries. I love the fresh flavor lemon oil gives my water and supports liver functions.  DiGize is always in my purse to support my digestive system.  PanAway stays with me at all times since I seem to be aging and my body seems to feel it at times. I wear Joy as a perfume and it makes me smile when I smell it. I could go on and on.

I have been sharing my story and other's stories, teaching how to use essential oil products to support ALL of the body systems...digestive, respiratory, immune, muscular, etc. They help all the way to the cellular level. I catch myself saying, "There's an oil for that!" frequently. The Premium Starter Kit that is offered is 11 Every Day Essential Oils...I use them everyday to support by body's functions.

I am so EXCITED that I found Young Living that I want to share it with others! I would love to share the stories with you that I have heard over the past years of how our health is supported in REMARKABLE ways thru Young Living Essential Oils and supplements.

If you are interested in getting started supporting your body the natural way, let me know. If you have questions email me at:

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We offer classes to learn more about Essential Oils in Texas and online!

All classes are FREE but please make a reservation as some locations have limited seating.

Book your own Intro to Essential Oils Class 101- Health, Wellness and Abundance.

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