Limited Editions by Darlene

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Bouxbart by Tuttidee

Bouxbart (boob-art, boobart) is literally "impressionistic" painting inspired by beautiful things in nature and a wife longing for her husband who was overseas. The layering of colors in the objects are truly magnificent and the different techniques intriguing. Let your mind wonder at how "titillating" these paintings are. After a year of painting for my husband, someone very dear to me had a mastectomy and then I a partial mastectomy. So my paintings are literally "close to my heart". The profits from my paintings go directly to Cancer Research.

Bouxbart watermark is not on actual paintings.

Zinnia 24" x 18"  $200 

12 x 16 Flower Field $100

5" x 5" each  $20 each Orange Blossom Special

5x7 Summer $25

8 x 10 Captured $40

Small Purples SOLD

Boobonits  $200

16 x 20 inches

Orange Lily $200

16x20 inches

Black and White


Red Poppies $200

18x24 inches

Pink Passion Poppies  $200

18x24 inches

Browns - the first painting with the entire background done with a smear technique.


16x20 inches

Tree for Life  $200

16x20 inches



Palette of Poppies $200

18x24 inches

The Girl's Orchids

Tulips 6"x8"  

Pink Poppies

Red Passion Poppies


Lily Pad  $200
18x24 inches

Two 24 x 12 Twin Trees  $200

Falling Abreast  $150

12x24 inches

A Joy to Behold

Set of 10 Bouxbart Notecards $20